Wana Restaurant

Wana is the word for jungle in Balinese language. Bali Zoo is opulent restaurant, lounge and bar is an enchanting destination in its own right. Located next to the exotic open-air space where kings of jungle reside, Wana will make your trip to Bali Zoo even more exquisite with its unique rustic interior & furniture custom made by local craftsmen. With total capacity up to 80 persons, visitors can truly enjoy an uninterrupted panoramic view yet embrace the spirit of the wild while enjoy a delectable selection of sumptuous dishes such as Ayam Rempah, Tongkol & Squid Salad, Soto Pesmol, Duck & Galangan Curry, Tart Tatin, Chocolate Lava, Ikan Acar Kuning or even Balinese Platter. Isn't it great to have such enchanting experience of exploring the jungle without having to be in it?




Reptiles Collection

Take an afternoon break in tranquility
everyday at 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM.

Opening Hours

09.00 AM 05.00 PM
The restaurant serves up to 80 people in open-air view restaurant.