Elephant Expedition

Elephant Expedition

Jungle Ride from Above at Elephant Rides. Enjoy the view of the tropics and exotic plant collections a top one of the biggest land animals in the world. Experience a thrilling opportunity to personally hand feed the elephants as well!


Elephant rides (approximately 30 minutes ride)
Close encounter with wildlife
Zoo experience

The experience starts at our comfortable buffalo house starting point. Next, your 30 minutes ride begins, the trek takes you to a scenic pathway that winds through parts of the zoo then outside the park where you can see where our elephants sleep and bathe. You will have a chance to hand feed and take pictures with them after rides as well as learn about the Sumatran Elephant from our experienced Mahout.
Continue to explore our giant collection of endangered species animals including petting zoo, bird aviary, bird shows for you to enjoy up close. If you bring kids enjoy a splish-splash playing at the outdoor Miniapolis Jungle Waterplay for refreshment.continue with animal encounter session at 1pm where you can enjoy unique photo opportunity with our tame animals such as binturong, crocs, and gibbon.


09:00 AM


05:00 PM


Rp 1,135,000(15% off)

Rp 964,750

Rp 825,000(15% off)

Rp 701,250

Children (2-12 y.o)

Bali Zoo Shuttle Express offers you free direct transfers to Bali Zoo and returns.

Take a walk/taxi to Bali Zoo Shuttle Express @Beachwalk Shopping Mall (north gate).

Available on below time schedule:


From Beachwalk to Bali Zoo

Breakfast with Orangutan only                   07:00

Beachwalk departure                                    09:30              10:30

From Bali Zoo to Beachwalk

Bali Zoo departure                                        14:00              15:00


Please reconfirm your return to our ticketing staff

A reservation is required for the Bali Zoo Shuttle Express.


Please call our reservation at +62361 294357 or email: info@bali-zoo.com or WhatsApp/SMS at +62878 6009 3112 (24 hours prior to arrival)

The schedule is subject to change without prior notice, please be ready at our pick up point 15 minutes before departure.