Mahout for A Day for two pax + 1 Night Stay at Deluxe Garden Pool The Sanctoo Villas & Spa

Have you ever wondered what it would possibly be like to command the largest land animal on earth? Or perhaps learn up close and personal what it takes to care for a Sumatran elephant for a day? Bali Zoo is proud to feature a remarkable and one of a kind experience that you won’t soon forget with our signature Mahout For a Day program; the only one of it’s kind in Indonesia. Derived from the Hindi word mahaut, a mahout is traditionally a person who rides, handles and cares for an elephant for most of its life. At Bali Zoo, most of our professional mahouts are from Sumatra where our elephants originate and for one day they will show you what a day in the life of one of these amazing creatures.


The Sanctoo garden vanity villa is a collecting of exquisite private luxury villa in a tranquil neighbourhood adjacent to Bali Zoo. Offering a high-quality amenities, services and private swimming pool.

The villa’s striking architecture is enhanced by lush greenery garden view and beautiful open spaces that provide residents with an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle in an eco-friendly environment.

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Rp 17,975,000
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